Discussion Papers

Discussion Papers and Other Documents

Date From Title Summary  *
Oct 1998 P A New Relationship Proposing a new relationship with the Crown A
Nov 2014 P Notes on the Pimicikamak Constitution Notes by former counsel based on observation and information from elders D
Dec 2015 M/MH Grant Funding Reasons for rejecting grant funding D
Jan 2016 P Discussion Paper Explaining how existing funding is genocidal and unacceptable D
Aug 2016 P National Trauma Explaining why Manitoba Hydro is responsible for Pimicikamak national trauma D
Nov 2016 P Discussion Paper Protocol Protocol for consulting Manitoba Hydro and making discussion papers public A
Feb 2017 P Treaty Medal Letter to Canada Explaining why Pimicikamak is entitled to the medal not the band S
May 2017 P The Transparency Project Explaining how the Pimicikamak government makes information open to its people D
Jun 2017 P How Grant Funding Works Explaining grant funding from Manitoba Hydro D
Aug 2017 P The Financial Management Board Explaining the roles of the Board and of the Secretary to the Board D
Nov 2017 P A Sustainable Relationship with Manitoba Hydro Exploring consent as a basis for a sustainable relationship D
Mar 2018 P Grant Funding and the Problem of Consideration Grant Funding and the problem of getting something of value in return D

*Status: A=adopted; D=draft; S=sent; discussion papers are usually shared in draft and may not ever be adopted.