Clean Environment Commission

Review of the Licences for Lake Winnipeg Regulation and Jenpeg Dam (January to March 2015)


The hearing on the Lake Winnipeg Regulation and Jenpeg will be accepting written submissions from individuals until noon on May 8th. We would like to encourage Pimicikamak citizens to write to the Clean Environment Commission (CEC) and express their views about what the effects of the Jenpeg dam and regulation of Lake Winnipeg have been on the environment and Pimicikamak territory and communities downstream over the years.
Written submissions can be uploaded at:

Clean Environment Commission or sent to Darrell Settee or Annette Luttermann.

Constructive comments on any of the following are very useful for the Clean Environment Commission to develop a good understanding of the experience and concerns of Pimicikamak:

1. Personal observations of the changes that have occurred since the dam and other infrastructure was built are very important to share.

2. Observations of the changes that have happened since the Cross Lake weir was built are important.

3. Any comments people may have about employment with Manitoba Hydro over the years are useful to share – both positive and negative comments.

4. Any comments and ideas about how environmental, social, cultural and economic conditions could possibly be improved for the future.

Pimicikamak Okimawin encourages all citizens to participate in a series of hearings to discuss Manitoba Hydro’s licences for controlling the water levels on Lake Winnipeg (“Lake Winnipeg Regulation”) and the Jenpeg dam.

The Manitoba Clean Environment Commission (CEC) has been asked to review Manitoba Hydro’s request for “final licences” for Jenpeg and the Lake Winnipeg Regulation under the Water Power Act.

Final licences would be in effect until the year 2026 and then they can be renewed.

The CEC understands that Pimicikamak experiences the most direct downstream effects.

They want to hear directly from Pimicikamak citizens about your experiences with this hydroelectric project over the past 40 years.

  1. How has life in Pimicikamak traditional territory changed as a result of this hydroelectric development?
  2. How has the development affected the land, water and wildlife?
  3. How has the project affected Pimicikamak ability to use the land?
  4. Manitoba Hydro Mitigation and Compensation Programs – What has been good and what has not?
  5. What are your specific recommendations for how to improve conditions in the future?
  6. What conditions should be included in the licences for Manitoba Hydro to continue to operate the LWR and Jenpeg?

The CEC knows about the anger and frustration felt by Pimicikamak.

We need to present the CEC Panel with many types of direct evidence of the realities of our experience with the Northern Flood Agreement.

Please join us! You can find more information about this hearing process at